Welcome to the Suraya Sultan Foundation

Founder’s Message
I have always had a vision and determination to serve the underprivileged people of Pakistan. The generous donations gathered from various individuals, combined with my personal donations, has created the means of accomplishing my vision in the form of Suraya Sultan Foundation, named after my late parents.

I heartily welcome everybody around the world to join hands with Suraya Sultan Foundation to serve humanity and save the future of the young generation in Pakistan. Contribution from men and women, young and old, has helped us turn this dream into an incredible reality. I seek your continued support for this cause, in order to make this Foundation the best practice model.

I shall remain indebted for the persistent aid and support received by Suraya Sultan Foundation that facilitates us to serve the people of unreached areas of Pakistan and promote charitable projects, giving a ray of light to those who had otherwise lost hope.

Always remember, TOGETHER we can make this world a better place!


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What We Do

We Can Save More Life

Orphan Care at

“Sweet Home”, Sargodha.

Education Programme

Pak Continental School, Sargodha.

Medical Support

Surraya Sultan Clinic, Sargodha

Funding Programme

for widows & special needs' persons

Relief Programme

for natural disasters