Medical Support
Suraya Sultan Clinic was established on 1 November 2014, as a new initiative under SS Foundation, to serve poor and needy people in the city of Sargodha. SS-Clinic is providing the following free services to patients:

What are the free services offered to eligible patients at Suraya Sultan Clinic?
o Checkup & Medications by Male & Female Doctors
o Laboratory Tests Facility
o Ultra Sound Facility
o ECG Facility
o Surgeries with Latest Equipment & Technology
o Gynecologist Facility

To enhance the reach of this initiative, we also conduct free medical camps every Sunday with our team of expert doctors, targeting several areas throughout Sargodha, providing free medical checkups and medicines to the neediest people. During each medical camp, we are able to serve up to 250 patients.
What are the free medical services offered through medical camps of Suraya Sultan Clinic?
o Free Medical Checkup
o Blood Sugar Test
o ECG Facilities
o 2-Day medication for eligible patients
Does Suraya Sultan Clinic sponsor eye corrective surgeries?
Yes, over recent times, our Clinic has conducted over one thousand eye corrective surgeries, free of charge for blind people.

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