To constitute Medical Colleges, Research Centers, Medicine & Pathological Laboratories, Pharmacies and Training Centers

To arrange seminars, conduct Refresher courses and manage Blood Bank, Dispensaries, Free Medical Camps, Hospitals and Clinics to facilitate the masses in the health sector

To conduct curricular/extra-curricular activities in our School for character building of young generation

To make efforts for eradication of Drugs usage and institution of the Rehabilitation Centers for the Masses

To provide financial support to the deserving orphan students through our “Sweet Home”

To establish institutions and provide friendly environment to those people who are victims of mental health

To provide financial aid to orphan girls for marriage

To establish Industrial homes and arrange monthly allowance for widows

To rehabilitate handicapped, incapacitated and disabled people.

To educate on Micro-Finance schemes to issue interest free loans to the unemployed

To ensure cleanliness and initiation of development projects

Lets make the world
better together