Pakistan Floods in 2010
In 2010, Pakistan witnessed the most devastating floods in its history. Starting from the North, the floods traveled to the South, causing damage at an unprecedented level. Millions were left homeless, and thousands were reported dead. Entire villages and towns were washed away, destroying infrastructure, farms, houses, etc. According to the NDMA, 1,985 deaths were reported, 1,744,471 houses damaged and 20,184,550 people were affected.

We responded by carrying out a huge relief operation that covered medical aid, relief distribution, provision of safe drinking water, nutrition support and reconstruction of houses. Our team distributed emergency relief ration to almost 15,000 flood victims all over the country. This included food items such as lentils, cooking oil, tea, etc. and shelter items like tents, basic beds, blankets, etc. Each package was aimed for a family of seven members that could last them for at least 50 days.
COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020
Due to the lockdown imposed in Sargodha arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic, many families were suffering from starvation and misery as they were not able to leave their homes to make a living. In order to counteract this situation, our Foundation committed PKR 4,500,000 towards providing 30 kg bags of aid to these needy families. Each bag included: 20 kg Flour, 4 kg Rice, 2 kg Lentils, 4 kg Sugar, 4 Packets of Vermicelli.

This bag was able to feed at least 4-8 people for 10-20 days in a household depending on the consumption and size of the family. These bags were distributed throughout Sargodha city, targeting as many areas as possible.

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